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What to Do if You’re Single and Looking to Be a Parent

In this day and age, more women are having children later in life and choosing to become single mothers. Our specialists at RMA are here to help you become a parent, with or without a partner.

Where Do I Start?

The first decision you should make should be if you’d like to have the baby now or in the future. Freezing your eggs is the optimal choice for those looking to get pregnant in the future and who want to preserve their egg quality. For those looking to have the baby now, there are many options.

If you’re looking to have a baby now, you need to choose a sperm donor. The sperm donor can be a friend or someone from a sperm bank, whichever choice you are most comfortable with is the most important. After that, you would discuss with your fertility doctor which choice of conception is right for you.

If you are not struggling with fertility, you might try artificial insemination, where the sperm is put by the cervical canal. If you are, in-vitro fertilization might be a good option for you.

Things to Consider As A Willing Single Mother

Even though willingly becoming a single mother is becoming more commonplace, it’s still important to understand that people might not have the most positive reactions. However, don’t be offput by this, be willing to have a discussion with them about why they feel that way and why you’re choosing to become a mother.

Since you’re going through pregnancy without a partner, make sure to go through all areas of your life, emotional, social, and financial, and make sure all of them are fulfilled before having a baby. Fertility treatments alone can stock up to be a lot of money, so it’s important to have some reserves before going through the process. It’s also important to communicate with family and friends that you may need some extra support during this journey.

It might also be beneficial to hire a doula while going through the conception, pregnancy, and birthing journeys. This person will be by your side through it all and help be a second voice at appointments.

Considering how more normalized becoming a single mom is, there are many support groups that specialize in supporting single mothers by choice. If you feel like you need some extra, personalized support alongside support from friends and family, going to a support group may be a good option for you.

Remember that during this time, it’s incredibly normal to feel doubtful and insecure. We live in a society that focuses on two people having a child, not one, and that can be difficult to face. However, you know best if this is the right decision for you, and if that’s the case then people who care about you will understand and support you through this journey.

If you’re ready to start your journey as a willing single mom, contact one of our fertility specialists at RMA. We are ready to help you embark on a beautiful journey to motherhood.