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The integrated team at RMA of New York – Long Island, is here to provide expertise and support every step of the way along your family-building journey . Our fertility specialists practice data-driven,precision medicine. We operate with a collaborative approach that provides you with a team of highly-skilled physicians, embryologists, nurses, and care coordinators. We strive to make your journey as comfortable as possible, while providing ideal guidance and protocols to help you achieve your best possible outcome.

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What is the RMA of New York Difference?

Our team of physicians is nationally recognized for their continued advancements and innovations in the field of reproductive medicine. With state-of-the-art technology and techniques, we are able to give you the best chances at pregnancy success. We have made significant advancements in our IVF laboratory, including genetic screening of embryos and improved freezing and thawing processes and technology. This has resulted in a 98% embryo survival rate with vitrification and rewarming. We have seen higher IVF success rates, lower miscarriage rates, and healthier pregnancies and babies. RMA of New York – Long Island, is here in Nassau and Suffolk County, to offer you world-renowned fertility and reproductive care right in your neighborhood. Our experts are here to help you achieve your family-building goals.

World-Renowned Fertility Team

Redefining Patient-Centric Care

  • Risa Abittan, MS, CGC

    Risa Abittan, MS, CGC

    Genetic Counselor

  • Beth McAvey, MD

    Beth McAvey, MD

    Reproductive Endocrinologist

  • Joseph Peña, MD

    Joseph Peña, MD

    Reproductive Endocrinologist

  • Michelle Goldsammler, MD

    Michelle Goldsammler, MD

    Reproductive Endocrinologist

  • Cary L. Dicken, MD

    Cary L. Dicken, MD

    Reproductive Endocrinologist

  • Michael Zinger, MD

    Michael Zinger, MD

    Reproductive Endocrinologist

  • Daniel Kenigsberg, MD

    Daniel Kenigsberg, MD

    Reproductive Endocrinologist

  • Steven Brenner, MD

    Steven Brenner, MD

    Reproductive Endocrinologist

  • Joanne Libraro, MSN, RN-C, NEA-BC

    Joanne Libraro, MSN, RN-C, NEA-BC

    Chief Operating Officer

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Full-Service IVF Laboratory on Long Island

RMA of NY - Long Island has the unique ability to provide the convenience of completing your entire treatment cycle on-site and on Long Island, without the need to travel to Manhattan or enter a hospital setting. This includes egg retrieval and embryo transfer. The state-of-the-art IVF laboratory of RMA of New York – Long Island, located in Melville, is renowned for its advanced and innovative reproductive technology and top embryologists. Our highly trained and skilled embryologists utilize the most effective and safe practices to achieve exceptional success rates.

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