Fertility Testing & Diagnosis on Long Island, NY

Every journey begins with a single step and your family-building journey is no different. Determining your course of fertility care starts with understanding your starting point. At RMA of New York – Long Island, we use the latest, most advanced fertility diagnostic testing to get the full picture of where you are at this moment and use the findings to create a roadmap for your fertility care plan.

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Step 1: Request a Fertility Evaluation and Consultation

Request an appointment for a fertility evaluation and consultation with one of our trusted fertility specialists. An individualized evaluation by a fertility specialist can help ease frustration and worry by providing information, answers, and direction for further diagnosis and treatment. One of our staff members will call you promptly and ask a few questions that will help them direct you to the doctor or facility that will work best for you.

Step 2: Review New Patient Package & Gather Medical Records

After you've made your appointment, you will receive a New Patient Package in the mail. Please review the enclosed materials and make sure you understand the information. Our staff is happy to answer any questions you may have. Be sure to complete the medical history form and bring it to your evaluation along with a copy of your most recent medical records, especially anything related to reproductive health (e.g. pap smear within the last three years, genetic testing, mammogram results, etc.)

Step 3: Fertility Evaluation

At the evaluation, you'll meet with our team members to discuss your individual needs and complete a series of tests that assess primary fertility factors in both women and men. This thorough infertility evaluation helps to identify and focus on a diagnosis, and from there, you and your physician will create a treatment plan that will take full advantage of your reproductive potential.

Guidance and Support for Your Fertility Journey

A significant part of the care we provide at RMA of New York – Long Island is focused on counseling and guidance. We believe in providing individuals and couples with honest and realistic information to empower their decision-making process. Our team can also guide you toward various supplemental services and specialists to further support your journey from beginning to end.

Health and Wellness

We offer support groups, counseling, acupuncture, Yoga, and more through our on-site Mind Body program.

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Financial Counseling

We understand that navigating through the financial side of treatment can be an overwhelming step. Our experienced team of financial counselors is ready to answer any questions you may have.

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It’s never too early to learn about your fertility and reproductive options.

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Patient-centric reproductive medicine is our specialty, and we look forward to answering any questions you may have.

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