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World's First IVF Baby Turns 40

David Kreiner, MD

The First IVF baby, Louise Brown turned 40 on July 25. When she was born I had just completed my first year of medical school. After reading about how she was conceived through IVF I decided that I would endeavor to make In Vitro Fertilization my life's work.

While studying Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility with Zev Rosenwaks at Stony Brook a little over 2 years later I suggested, in an effort to encourage him, that we should create an IVF program on Long Island like the Jones’s did in Norfolk. He laughed and insinuated it was too large an undertaking. Three years later he became the director at the Jones Institute and another 5 years after that at Cornell.

As for me, eight years after I made the suggestion to Dr. Rosenwaks, I founded Long Island IVF, the first IVF program on Long Island with Dan Kenigsberg.