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What’s on Your Infertility Book List?

At RMA Long Island IVF, we see as much variety in the way our patients consume infertility information and resources as we see in the differences of their individual medical diagnoses.

Some patients are content to follow the instructions of their reproductive endocrinologist, without questions or in-depth explanations. Many of these patients simply trust that the doctor knows best and they have no need to question them.

Other patients are researchers. They accumulate information from varied sources including friends and family who have been through fertility treatment or any number of credible (or less than credible) internet sources. These more inquisitive patients often appreciate “partnering” with their physician in making, or at least better understanding, their individual game plan. Very often these patients will ask about our Mind Body program and available complementary holistic infertility therapies like acupuncture.

Over the past four decades, millions of people have been touched by infertility, and in vitro fertilization in particular. Many infertility journeys end with a birth. Some patients experience unspeakable losses along the way to their rainbow babies and still other journeys are resolved through adoption, foster parenting, or the often difficult decision to live a childfree life.

Whether you read for research, or for pleasure, there is a treasure trove of books on infertility to support you through the phases of your journey. These heartfelt experiences are often shared as therapy for the author as well as the reader.

Whether you like to read at the beach in the summer, near the fire pit in the fall, or snuggle under a blanket on the couch in the winter, this list and this list contain samples of some very popular infertility-related reading you may want to consider. Creating a Family also recommends this helpful list of infertility-themed books. These lists feature blurbs explaining what each book is about to help narrow down relevant topics. Many may be available for free at your local library.

Do you have a favorite infertility-themed book that isn’t on this list? If so, let us know.

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