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Episode 3: What Is Mind Body Medicine?

Fresh Eggs Podcast Episode 2

with Bina Benisch, MS, RN, Director of RMA Long Island IVF’s Mind Body Program
In this episode, we discuss the concept of Mind Body Medicine and how it can help individuals and couples struggling with infertility when paired with treatment by a reproductive endocrinologist.


Episode 2: Motherhood Through Donor Eggs

Fresh Eggs Podcast Episode 2

with Victoria Loveland, RN, Clinical Coordinator
You may have heard that having a baby using donor eggs is never a woman's first choice. In this episode, Vicky addresses this issue and answers common patient questions. Her 20+ years of expertise and reassuring anecdotes will help you start the discussion about becoming a parent using donated eggs.


Episode 1: Egg Donation in 6 Steps

Fresh Eggs Podcast Episode 1

with Theresa Rothwell, RN
If you're thinking about donating eggs with RMA Long Island IVF, this is a must listen! A part of the RMA Long Island IVF family for over 16 years, Theresa breaks down the egg donation process into 6 easily digestible steps.