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Ready to learn more about the world of third-party reproduction? We sat down with experts on both the donor and recipient sides of the process to ask some of the questions you've probably been thinking about!


Episode 1: Egg Donation in 6 Steps

Fresh Eggs Podcast Episode 1

with Theresa Rothwell, RN
If you're thinking about donating eggs with RMA Long Island IVF, this is a must listen! A part of the RMA Long Island IVF family for over 16 years, Theresa breaks down the egg donation process into 6 easily digestible steps. 



Episode 2: Motherhood Through Donor Eggs

Fresh Eggs Podcast Episode 2

with Victoria Loveland, RN, Clinical Coordinator
You may have heard that having a baby using donor eggs is never a woman's first choice. In this episode, Vicky addresses this issue and answers common patient questions. Her 20+ years of expertise and reassuring anecdotes will help you start the discussion about becoming a parent using donated eggs.