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9 Summer Fertility Booster Tips


The summer has begun. Each summer, RMA Long Island IVF welcomes teachers as well as others whose hectic schedules don’t easily accommodate the scheduling demands of an IVF cycle during the school year. Are you ready to try to conceive this summer?

While some patients take a break from treatment over the summer, many others feel that the less stressful days of summer might be a better time for a successful treatment cycle. After all, it’s common knowledge that stress isn’t good for you in general. It can also negatively impact your fertility.

Here are some tips to de-stress and possibly boost your fertility this summer:

Get your Vitamin D. Get out in the sun and soak up this important vitamin for fertility health. If you can’t get out for about 10-15 minutes of sunshine each day, ask your doctor to have your level checked and whether you should consider supplementation.

Organic sunscreen. After you’ve gotten your daily Vitamin D from the sun, healthy organic or toxin-free sunscreens – – or some shade – – can keep you safe if you are in the sun for a prolonged period.

Drink tons of water. Avoid water bottles made from toxic plastics. Dehydration is dangerous, especially when doing sports or otherwise sweating in the summer heat.

Put your feet in the sand. According to a study published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health, “earthing” or “grounding” reconnects people with the electrons on the surface of the earth allowing them--simply through being barefoot outdoors daily-- to access this “untapped health resource”. The widespread potential benefits of this environmental medicine protocol earned earthing the description of a “global treatment table” and an important way of naturally improving health. Reportedly, “barefoot sessions” of 30 to 40 minutes daily can have a significant impact.

Get exercise. What better time than summer to take advantage of the many pools and beaches for swimming on Long Island? The activity works all the major muscles, doesn’t put pressure on joints, and doesn’t cause sweating. Of course, other exercises, if your doctor approves, can be helpful, too.

Step away from the screens. Get outside and away from screens of all types. Read a book on the beach. Talk by the firepit. Disconnect from social media. (You get the idea.)

Boost nutrition. Eat a healthy diet. If your budget allows it, eat organic fruits and vegetables. Consider growing some of your own. Pesticides are harmful to fertility in both men and women so try to take advantage of farmers markets and organic sources of local produce this summer.

Are you planning fertility treatment this summer? Contact RMA Long Island IVF today to schedule a consultation.