Embryo Options Sperm Letter

June 12, 2024

Dear Patient,

We are excited to announce RMA New York Long Island [RMA NY LI] has partnered with Embryo Options. Embryo Options is a web-based application that allows patients to securely pay cryo-storage fees online and gain access to valuable disposition education when storage is no longer desired. To learn more about Embryo Options, please visit www.embryooptions.com.

Embryo Options Billing Process:
This communication is not a bill and does not require you to take any action at this point. When your next sperm cryo-storage bill becomes due, Embryo Options will send you an invoice for continuing to store your sperm at RMA NY LI.

Sperm storage billing will transition to Embryo Options in June/July 2024.

  • If you froze a sperm specimen prior to June 1, 2024, your billing schedule will change from quarterly to monthly. Effective July 1, 2024, sperm storage fee will change to:
    • Sperm & testicular tissue $45 per month
  • If you froze specimens in the past year you will begin to be billed monthly three [3] months from your initial freeze date.
    • Sperm & testicular tissue $45 per month.
  • Sperm frozen after June 1, 2024, will include three [3] months free storage and then billed monthly.
    • Sperm & testicular tissue $45 per month.
  • If you have already enrolled in a storage payment plan for a past balance it will be honored.
  • If you have insurance coverage for storage of cryopreserved materials, you will not be contacted by Embryo Options and your storage billing will continue to be managed by RMA NY LI.

Your first Embryo Options invoice will explain how you can log into a secure portal to opt for the continued storage of your specimens or gain access to RMA NY LI disposition forms to opt out of cryo-storage.

You were last billed in April 2024 for the quarterly period April, May & June. The new monthly billing will begin in June/July, but your first invoice will include storage charges for July [will show as past balance] and August [will show as current balance] 2024.

Multiple Specimens
If you are cryopreserving multiple specimens such as embryo, eggs, and sperm, you will receive a separate invoice for each specimen type. To pay or opt out of storage, you will be required to log into a separate portal for each specimen type.

All embryos, eggs, or sperm will continue to be securely stored at RMA NY LI until you decide to use all your own specimens in an assisted reproductive technology [ART] treatment cycle, or you submit signed copies of the center’s disposition forms. Submitting disposition forms may allow you to authorize the lab to discard your specimens or transfer them to a long-term storage facility.

If you have inventory questions about your cryo preserved specimens, please contact RMA NY LI at CryoStorage@RMALIIVF.com or toll free at 844-483-3264 or locally at 631.371.8315.

If you have clinical questions about using your own specimens in an ART treatment cycle, please call your clinical care team. Your doctor’s and office number can be obtained at rmalongislandivf.com.

If you have any specimen storage billing questions, please call the number on your Embryo Options invoice or contact RMA NY LI at CBOEmbryoOptions@FirstFertility.com or 888.540.6619.

Thank you.