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The March Madness of Infertility

March is a crazy month in the basketball world. Its weather does the “in like a lion, out like a lamb” thing. And in March, many RMA Long Island IVF patients and their infertile sisters nationwide are also extra stressed out.

Why is March so difficult for many infertility patients?

Anyone who’s ever obsessed over a calendar marked up with basal body temperatures, cycle day #1’s, two-week waits and pregnancy test dates knows that getting pregnant by March is likely the last chance to have a full-term baby before the end of the year.

It’s one of those “artificial deadlines” many put in their heads when they flip the calendar over to January each year after having just survived the winter holiday season and another New Year’s Eve without having that baby in hand. If I get pregnant by March, I’ll have a baby THIS year.

Those who have gotten pregnant in the first quarter are likely ecstatic while the others who haven’t yet may already be struggling with the thought of being childless through another holiday season. If you feel you need extra support, please reach out to RMA Long Island IVF for information on our support groups and individual counseling specifically tailored for those going through infertility.

But maybe just a mindset change can help you past the March disappointment. Consider these things if you are still waiting on a positive pregnancy test:

  • you could still get pregnant soon and have a happy ending this year by delivering one (or two!) healthy, premature babies—it happens every day;
  • you could still become a parent through adoption, fostering, or through an unforeseen opportunity before the year ends, even if you are still pursuing a biological child;
  • you have the rest of the year to get pregnant because being any stage of pregnant during the holidays will make the holidays happy!

Whenever you get the news that you’re going to be parents – – news that admittedly often feels it may never come— well, that moment becomes the perfect moment. The perfect timing. The “meant to be” resolution of this long journey you are on. Whether through IVF, IUI, donor egg, embryo donation, adoption, or another pathway, that moment you learn your dream is coming true, all those “I just need to be pregnant before my birthday, my anniversary, Mother’s Day, the end of March...” -- just disappear.

So, hold on and flip those calendar pages in faith that everything you’re hoping for is coming. Just like spring.

Do you think of March as one of your “deadline” get-pregnant-by dates?

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